This blog has been moving around since it’s been started.

Initially it was built with Jekyll and hosted on GitHub pages. Few months ago moved blog into subdomain and this website was kept as landing page with links to various social networks. That time, blog was built with Ghost and self hosted on Google Compute Engine. I wanted to evaluate their admin interface. It felt cumbersome and the trade off didn’t feel worth it.

Currently this is build with Hugo with slightly tweaked version of amazing hello-friend-ng theme and hosted on Netlify, I think somewhere in those git branches there is a Gatsby version lying around too. Once I used Hugo, Everything else felt slower, Mind you Hugo still on pre release at v0.57.2 and improvements are constanly pushed, Like Hugo Modules on v0.56.0.

I frequently switch devices and sometimes will be on mobile, This restricted creating and editing on whim. As mentioned earlier, reason I was testing Ghost was their admin intreface. But now there are healdess CMS like Netliy CMS and After testing both of them, I felt more comfortable with Netlify CMS because this is already hosted on Netlify and their configuration opened a whole new level of customization options.

With the editorial_mode, I could create a new post from anywhere and it would

  • Committ to new branch with cms/<title> as branch name.
  • Open a PR on GitHub.
  • Netlify will have deploy previews with each save ro commits.

May be I’ll write about setting Netlify CMS with Hugo in another post.